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OrangeHealth creates services and products that doctors can use remotely to assess and diagnose patients’ health better and provide them with the right treatment. 

For an early-stage startup like OrangeHealth, there are several things to manage, and payroll is one of them.

They dealt with payroll calculations and salary disbursements manually. The primary cause of concern was offer letters and salary customisations. They had to manually customise offer letters and salary break-ups for employees and feed the details in the spreadsheets before disbursing salaries. 

The entire process was tiresome and time-consuming. 

Then, Dhruv Gupta, the founder of OrangeHealth, started using RazorpayX Payroll on a peer’s recommendation. 

RazorpayX Payroll automated the entire payroll process for OrangeHealth in no time. Now, all the salary and compliance calculations are done seamlessly within minutes. The product handles periodic compliance filings and Dhruv does not have to worry about a thing.

One of the biggest concerns of OrangeHealth was customising offer letters and salaries which RazorpayX Payroll easily solved.

We take pride in using a product like RazorpayX Payroll for our payroll-related problems.

Dhruv Gupta

Founder, Orange Health

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