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goDutch is a platform that powers group payments for millennials. Right from recording expenses & splitting them, to receiving payments, goDutch does it all in one place. 

Now, users do away with awkward reminders, delayed payments, or multiple transactions. 

Earlier, goDutch ran payroll manually like many businesses. They used spreadsheets to maintain employee records and folders for documents. It took long hours to calculate salaries, deduct compliances, and transfer payments to individual bank accounts. 

But, they quickly realised that their payroll process was flawed

Sagar Sheth, the CEO of goDutch, decided to adopt RazorpayX Payroll to get rid of all payroll troubles. His primary focus was disbursing salaries, logging reimbursements, maintaining accountability, and security, effortlessly.

The software automatically handled all the calculations, compliance deductions, payments, and disbursals for goDutch. They were delighted that they could generate customised offer letters for their employees using RazorpayX Payroll.

We’re elated that we were able to solve payroll problems for goDutch. 

“ Getting onboarded with RazorpayX Payroll was quick and easy ”

Sagar Sheth

CEO, goDutch

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