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Founded by Anudeep Reddy, Nonu combines quality medical advice, scientific solutions, Ayurveda, and lifestyle changes to solve men’s personal issues.

Anudeep had a hard time tackling payroll since Nonu used manual methods. 

It was difficult to manage employee records, statutory payments like TDS, PF, PT, ESI, and salary calculations on spreadsheets. One wrong input would jeopardise the entire payroll calculations for the month. 

Being an early-stage startup founder, Anudeep wanted to focus on the product and branding. 

Instead, he was spending long hours on payroll processing and execution.

Anudeep decided to automate the entire payroll process through RazorpayX Payroll. The product helped Anudeep streamline the onboarding process, compliance payments & returns, and salary disbursals.

He appreciates every second of time saved in processing payroll through RazorpayX.

No training is required to use RazorpayX Payroll; Anudeep can quickly process payroll for his employees within 10 minutes.

It just takes 3 simple steps and a maximum of 10 minutes to process a month’s payroll.

Anudeep Reddy

Founder, Nonui

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