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Farmtheory is an agri-tech startup that curbs food waste by procuring unappealing, yet consumable, fruits and vegetables directly from farms to families and restaurants.

Despite having a dedicated team to manage payroll, Farmtheory had to spend valuable time processing salaries and making statutory payments. The team calculated and processed the month’s payroll on spreadsheets that were prone to human errors. 

Apart from employees, Farmtheory had contractual agreements with professionals. The team had to manage their invoices, deduct TDS, and make contractual payments. These were significant pain points. 

Meanwhile, Aprit Agarwal, the co-founder of Farmtheory, realised that their payroll process was not efficient.  

They needed a 360-degree solution to solve all payroll problems.

They found RazorpayX Payroll to be that solution. With lesser time required for payroll management, Farmtheory could make more time for its core operations. 

Farmtheory is no longer worried about making their contractual payments on time and staying compliant with changing laws. 

The flexibility to upload invoices directly by the contractors was a game-changer for Farmtheory.

We, at RazorpayX Payroll, are thrilled to provide smart payroll features to Farmtheory as they grow ahead

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